music for 1:00 pm on Wednesday, June 18th.

Okay, so that "little" break happened. But because I'm realizing I neeeeed to write or I'll just waste time in less productive ways... I'm coming back with some Wednesday tunes for you. I actually have about 10 half written posts that were sparked by random events in my life... but before releasing them upon the world, I'll probably filter through them first. Insert "eeeek face" emoticon here.

So this week's theme is all about rockin' the girl power and being that super + strong + independent + kick ass grrrrrrl. No, I'm not getting all feminist on you, guys are cool too... well [most] guys anyway... but sometimes we just have to step back and realize how amazing, beautiful, talented, and fun we are... on our own.

So go grab your 90's daisy [or sunflower] print baby doll dress... put some flowers in yo' hair and dance around to some of my favorite girl rockers...

music for 4pm on Friiiiiday, March 7

Okay, woah... these weeks are just FLYING by. It's March 7th already?! Crazy! So this week was a super busy one... so I only have one song for you to dance to today... but don't worry it's a good one!

I've also been coming up with more weekly post ideas... so stay tuned to see at least one of those pop up next week! 

Have the best weekend y'all! Stay outta trouble!! 

Can't get any better than Weezer on a cloudy Friday afternoon! Dancing around to this song makes this girly girl feel all super tough! Like I'm gonna go knock over your recycling bin... or something else tough kids like to do! So watch out! ...Yo! (Yeah, tough kids say Yo!) Favorite line: "I'm such a mystery, as anyone can see. There isn't anybody else, exactly quite like me. And when it's party time, like 1999, I'll party by myself because I'm such a special guy!"

music for 4pm on Friiiiiday, February 28

Heyyyyy! It's everyone's favorite part of the work week... 4pm on Friiiiday!! Okay so, 5pm on Friday might be more your style... but I always look forward to when I get to share my favorite tunes of the week with ya! So for me, 4pm is where it's at!

So earlier this week I was driving to work and heard on the radio that it was the 20 year... the FREAKING TWENTY YEAR anniversary of Soundgarden's Superunknown album. I really really liked this band in 1994... okay I was in 7th grade... but music that year was a big big deal to me. I went to a small Creative and Performing Arts middle school and it was AWESOME. It was a new school and I think the teachers and staff were still figuring things out, which left us students free to do some crazy fun stuff.

Hearing that this amazing part of my life happened twenty years ago kind of blew my mind. BOOM. But it also got me remembering all of the other AWESOME music that came out that year. As I was going through various songs and artists I realized that 1994 might have been the best year for music... during my lifetime... period. I remember recording some of my favorite videos from MTV onto VHS tape. At the time I was like... "I need to save these forever!"... not knowing that twenty years later, YouTube would exist and that I'd be able to look up every video that ever existed!

So here they are... it was hard to narrow down... but here are the videos that brought back the most memories and the ones that will have you dancing into this weekend! Enjoy lovely blahg readers... and have the best weekend! <3

Favorite line: "Oh she may not look like other girls, but she's a snarl tooth seether."

Favorite Line: "The pussycat in me is curling up right now, but I'll bloom from the inside out."

Favorite Line: "Oh her flowing skirt is blowing in a transcendental wind, and she wonders without knowing where did she begin..."

Favorite Line: "You can't write if you can't relate, trade the cash for the beef, for the body for the hate, and my time is a piece of wax, falling' on a termite, who's choking' on the splinters" OR "Get crazy with the cheese whiz!"


And yes... all of those songs came out TWENTY years ago! See... BOOM!