love and light: a bridal shower

This past weekend we threw an awesome bohemian and gypsy inspired bridal shower for my best girlfrand—the beautiful, Monica Ditzler. It was an absolutely perfect day full of sunshine, positive vibes, sweet decorations, gorgeous flowers, and delicious vegan food. We all love a good themed party, so of course all the girls decked out in their best gypsy threads. Every lady in attendance is so creative, talented, and unique—the love and inner beauty at this shower was overflowing!

Our host, Jeriana, invited a henna artist to give each guest and our bride-to-be a beautiful and unique henna tattoo. We chatted, ate, got tattooed, and oohed and aahed over all of Monica's sweet gifts. It was truly a lovely and magical day.

Party deets: Location: Patio in Brooklyn //  Flowers: Local Farmer's Market // Catering: Jessie Vukoson and Brendan Doyle // Doughnuts: Dunwell Doughnuts // Host & Decor: Jeriana SanJuan // Garland and Signage: Design Equals Love // Floral, Gypsy, and Feathered Headbands: Buyers Remorse //  Henna Tattoos: Arva Attarwala 

beautifully done and extremely important

As a fair skinned lady with tons of freckles and the beginning traces of *gasp* age spots, I already know how important sun screen is for my skin. However, I will admit there are days where I skip it because of not wanting to go through that extra (somewhat greasy) step in my beauty routine. However, being a visual person, after watching this short film, I now completely understand the value and complete necessity of it all. Beautiful, intelligent, uplifting, and of course extremely important...

music for 1:00 pm on Wednesday, June 18th.

Okay, so that "little" break happened. But because I'm realizing I neeeeed to write or I'll just waste time in less productive ways... I'm coming back with some Wednesday tunes for you. I actually have about 10 half written posts that were sparked by random events in my life... but before releasing them upon the world, I'll probably filter through them first. Insert "eeeek face" emoticon here.

So this week's theme is all about rockin' the girl power and being that super + strong + independent + kick ass grrrrrrl. No, I'm not getting all feminist on you, guys are cool too... well [most] guys anyway... but sometimes we just have to step back and realize how amazing, beautiful, talented, and fun we are... on our own.

So go grab your 90's daisy [or sunflower] print baby doll dress... put some flowers in yo' hair and dance around to some of my favorite girl rockers...